Mid-winter holiday

From Coburg to Kiama, Dubbo and home again, we chased the sun along the east coast of Australia and central NSW.

Our three-week holiday during July began in the pouring rain but then quickly turned to sunny skies as we drove through stunning scenery of the east coast of Victoria and inland NSW.

Through National Parks and conservation areas, we were lucky enough to see a variety of wildlife, but not quick enough to take a photo of many animals such as lyrebirds, wombats and bats! Through our binoculars at Kiama, NSW we saw two whales out at sea, making their way down the coast – what a treat to see them.

We did however catch a few other creatures on camera and I’m delighted to include them in this post.

Our highlight of the tour was seeing mother and baby Rhino at the Dubbo Zoo where their breeding program has successfully bred 11 Black Rhinos since 1994.

Mother and baby Rhino at Dubbo Zoo.
Strong and powerful legs of Mother Rhino at Dubbo Zoo.
Pretty Beach inside Murramarang National Park where we stayed for three nights.
Sunset over Pretty Beach.
A regular visitor to our camp site at Pretty Beach.
A lazy day at Merimbula.
Old Man Emu wondering what we are doing taking his photo.
A curious pelican standing still while we took his photo.
A gorgeous crane.
A very contented kangaroo.
So many seagulls.
A hungry rainbow lorikeet sampling nectar from a bottle brush tree.
And this big guy! Huge horns and beautiful markings.
Our journey.
David Tito

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